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>Date: Mon, 17 Jun 1996 19:12:26 GMT
>From: (George N. Pattakos)
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>Subject: Problemos
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>I recently installed the CU-SEEME software and have a (I hope) config.
>I have a 486-66 with 8 and a 14.4 modem (bah)
>I have a TV300 tv card (which is compatible according to the list)
>A color video camcorder (quasar)
>a sb16 sound card and microphone.
>I havent installed a tar file for reflectors yet. How?

Tar? nah...just go to my web page and download the appropriate format for
your version of CU-seeMe.

>I recieve no audio and slow video and do not transmit.

No way are you gonna get decent audio at 14.4

>I get static on my home screen.
>what to do?

Did you install the drivers that came with the tv300 card? If not, then do

After this, you should find a line in the [drivers] section of your
system.ini file that says "msvideo=sometv300.drv file" (I don't know the
filename). If you don't find that, then something in the install probably
didn't go right.

If you DO see that line, check the camera output by using the program that
comes with the tv300 card to make sure it's working, then try it in CU-SeeMe.

If that doesn't help, let me know and I'll try to work with you on it.

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