Re: WinTV switch frm w3.1 to win95 problems
Tue, 18 Jun 1996 06:58:43 -0500

Hi all,
I wrote:

>I was wondering if anyone can help me out. I have been running
>cu-seeme with a Haupaugge WinTV Celebrity HiQ board with no problem
>for sometime. I just made the switch to Win95. Other than reloading
>the cu-seeme software (I did a new install of win95) and installing
>the latest WinTV software, and using win95's driver for my Number
>9gxe, everthing else is the same. Well, everything works but my video
>has vertical lines. I have tried using the settings I have always used
>(8bit) but no go...
>Anyone no what the problem might be?

And within hours, I received three suggestions! (Did I see a earlier
post/thread questioning the usefullness of this list? ;-).

Many Thanks to

Bill Woodland/Squeek (
Marty Viilma (

All had good advice though Marty's suggestion of playing around changing
the base address of the capture buffer did the trick, well at least I am
getting video rather than just vertical black and white lines. The default
address on the WinTV/Win95 software is B800. I changed to C800 and voila!
I can see myself! But, unlike under w3.1 which had a good picture, this is
very high contrasty (ghost like). I am wondering if I need to run
emm386 from (config.sys or config.dos?) under win95 and exclude that
address area (ie. x=c800-c8ff). win95 during install rem'd out the emm386.
Does win95 still use either of these files or is that just for
DOS mode... I noticed mention of this in the WinTV readme but was this for
w3.1 users?
Well, at least I think I am at the point that I can fix it
by just playing around with some different config combinations.

Thanks to all that responded (and quickly too!)...

Dave Bergstedt