RE: Socialising in Listville

John W. Osborne (
Wed, 19 Jun 1996 19:05:40 +-1000


"social content in the list"? Gee...where have you been? Don't you
realise that we are far, far too busy...
1) debating the merits of colour .vs. black and white
2) keeping the world free of 'grisly bits' (re. the nudity discussion)
3) assisting users who apparently find it easier to get off of heroin than
off this list (re. all the malformed unsubscribe messages)
than to actually do something as trivial as, well, actually engage in any social
discourse. We are just too busy being grim.

Note...the above is a test...only those people with a perpetual frown need
be offended. Doubtless they will be the only ones to respond.

Regards, John :-)

From: Schwann[]
Sent: Tuesday, 18 June 1996 23:57
Subject: Socialising in Listville

KA>Be careful Burt or you could look foolish and you wouldn't want that.
KA>His name is Christian. Read the FROM part of his message
KA>Bob Kavanagh

Too late.
I already look foolish.

Burt Fisher

Hehe, hi everyone, this is the most fun we've had since some poor dweeb
posted a crack...

must be spring in California...

it's Winter here in Africa...

but a bit of social content once in a while on the list5 doesn't hurt:) (too