RE: Hi from Australia... Cameras?

John W. Osborne (
Wed, 19 Jun 1996 18:55:51 +-1000


Yes...there is, well, at least me. I am replying to the list in case there
are others in Australia with the same questions.

Since upgrading my soundblaster drivers to the new Windows 95 full
duplex ones my audio is much improved, although not speaking continuously
for longer than 15 seconds helps. I regularly conference with a friend of
mine in the States and 1 on 1 connections work very well.

Cards/cameras I have successfully used are the Connectix Quickcam
(Black and white...I have no need or desire for colour), and an old
camcorder plugged into a Movie Machine II. Both work well.

All connections were at 28.8. Your success will depend heavily on which ISP
you use as well as where the "other person" is. You are ultimately at the
mercy of the ISP's (both yours and the other person's) as to how fast you
can go. Then there are all those routers in the middle...........

Regards, John

From: alan[]
Sent: Thursday, 20 June 1996 1:39
Subject: Hi from Australia... Cameras?

Hi all

Are there any Australian readers of this list?

Like to try experiments 1 to 1?
Success with audio on 28.8 modems?
Suggestions re cameras and capture cards?
Anyone using ordinary video camera output?


Alan Ford :-)