Re: WinTV switch frm w3.1 to win95 problems

Tue, 18 Jun 1996 17:44:07 -0400 (EDT)

The x= parameter in the EMM386 line of CONFIG.SYS affects only DOS programs.
In order to carry this over into Windows (based on my experience, anyway), you
need to include the following line under the [386Enh] heading of your
SYSTEM.INI file before starting (or restarting) Windows:
or whatever range you have excluded in CONFIG.SYS. I'm not positive, but I
think this applies to Windows 95 as well as Windows 3.1. I had to do this in
3.1 to prevent a Windows scanning program from conflicting with a network card.
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Subject: Re: WinTV switch frm w3.1 to win95 problems

I am wondering if I need to run
emm386 from (config.sys or config.dos?) under win95 and exclude that
address area (ie. x=c800-c8ff). win95 during install rem'd out the emm386.
Does win95 still use either of these files or is that just for
DOS mode... I noticed mention of this in the WinTV readme but was this for
w3.1 users?