PC Expo -NYC

James Crittenden (jamesc3@ix.netcom.com)
Wed, 19 Jun 1996 06:31:37 -0700

Hi CUSM Buddies:

I just wanted you all to know that the Pc Expo is in NYC this week and one
of the many big topics is the videoconferencing software and harware. One
of the biggest products that they had on display is the color quick cam for
the pc. One of the things that me and my friend notice was that the pc
Quick Cam was running and running well off the pc. That is when I was
really asking well, it appears to run well w/the connectix software but what
I really wanted them to answer was how does it run when you are on-line and
show it to me. Okay, this what happened.....nothing. The guys stated to me
that there should be no problem w/t1 or modem hook up w/the pc but the fact
of the matter is they had no model to show that. Further, the machines that
were running the Quick Cam were Power Horses. One machine that was pc was
175 MHz and the other was a Macron 177 mhz.

My feeling people is that if you want the Quick Cam and you want to use it
for the internet understand that it is not a final product. Make sure like
ECU it is still under development and if you have the money for this
products understand the limitations.

The PC Expo is an overwhelming event.... So much to do and so little time.....