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Bill Woodland (
Wed, 19 Jun 1996 17:12:39 -0500

>Date: Tue, 18 Jun 1996 00:14:58 -0400
>From: John Thomas <>
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>Subject: A newbie reflector question
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>This is a quote from the Cornell doc, what does this REALLY mean
>( the appropriate precautions part ) ??? Please advise. Any FAQs
>out there for setting up a reflector ?
>Remember if you set up a reflector for the Internet to make appropriate
> precautions for your own security and for bandwidth settings.

This is just a reminder to you to setup an IP address for using the refmon
program. If you don't setup a particular IP address for refmon to work
from, then anyone can down your reflector just by using refmon and
connecting to your reflector. This is for the Cornell reflector program,
and I'm not sure that it pertains to the White Pine reflector program, since
you use TELNET to talk to the reflector and can setup a password for it.

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