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>I am new to this list and to CU-SeeMe. I would like to know some details
>about the performance of CU-SeeMe.
>1. What is the typical bit-rate and fps achievable?

For a 28.8 modem, I'd say fps might go as high as 2 or 3, depending on the
video window you are watching, and what amount of motion there is. This is
really hard to predict.

>2. Delay of video?

Hmmm...really hard to say, but it's pretty immediate from what I can tell.

>3. Delay of audio?

You should experience more delay on the audio than on the video, but again,
it's really hard to predict this.

>4. Is there some site where I can obtain performance statistics of CU-SeeMe?

Not that I know of. You might find some info on this at White Pine's www site.

>5. Is a reflector required for Point-to-Point (within Univ. campus) operation?

No, you can connect directly to another person's IP address.

>You can send a reply directly to me or the mail list. Thanks.
>Krishna Rao.

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