Re: CU-Doodle, Realvision rv107 grabber, W95, inf file

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Wed, 19 Jun 1996 17:52:07 -0500

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>Subject: CU-Doodle, Realvision rv107 grabber, W95, inf file ,system.ini ;
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>The Realvision rv107 (Oak drivers) videograbber only samples with 15bits
>So I want to use CU-Doodle and it has to be the first driver CU-SeeMe
>will find; the mini faq as well as cudoodle.txt mentions I have to put
>in system.ini of win95
> Well it doesn't work ;
>In W95 drivers are kept differently from w3.11 in a list, and
>spitfire.inf tells w95 how to keep track of several drivers ?, I think.
>Nowhere in system.ini the capture driver spitfire.drv belonging to the
>board is mentioned....
>Below part of the spitfire.inf file, what can I change . Anyone savy on
>these inf symantics?
>( I had no response from Oak Tech Inc, bleaah!)
>In windows/Inf/spitfire.inf it says ;

You might want to switch those to be msvideo1 and msvideo, and use the
program that came with the Oakvision board to show your video on the screen,
and then if you use the White Pine version of CU-SeeMe, then you can tell it
to take its input from msvideo (cudoodle) and place the cudoodle capture
area over the Oakvision program's output area on the screen.

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