Re: WinTV switch frm w3.1 to win95 problems

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Wed, 19 Jun 1996 19:28:54 -0500

...I just wanted to add that you should also check the settings on your drivers
through the [My_Computer] [Multimedia] [Advanced] [Video_Capture_Devices] [WinTV_
Capture_Driver(?)] menu options. Through here, some capture boards require you to
put your "excludes", "base addresses" and "IRQs". Double-check this for your board!!!

Ben Yenko-Martinka/Administrative Systems/Republic/US@ wrote:
> The x= parameter in the EMM386 line of CONFIG.SYS affects only DOS programs.
> In order to carry this over into Windows (based on my experience, anyway), you
> need to include the following line under the [386Enh] heading of your
> SYSTEM.INI file before starting (or restarting) Windows:
> EMMExclude=C800-C8FF
> or whatever range you have excluded in CONFIG.SYS. I'm not positive, but I
> think this applies to Windows 95 as well as Windows 3.1. I had to do this in
> 3.1 to prevent a Windows scanning program from conflicting with a network card.
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> Subject: Re: WinTV switch frm w3.1 to win95 problems
> I am wondering if I need to run
> emm386 from (config.sys or config.dos?) under win95 and exclude that
> address area (ie. x=c800-c8ff). win95 during install rem'd out the emm386.
> Does win95 still use either of these files or is that just for
> DOS mode... I noticed mention of this in the WinTV readme but was this for
> w3.1 users?

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