Re: CU-Doodle, Realvision rv107 grabber, W95, inf file ,system.ini ;MSVIDEO= MSVIDEO1= ?

K S (
Thu, 20 Jun 1996 12:00:33 +0200

What does a [driver].inf file do in W95?

I do not use the the White Pine version of CU-SeeMe, can it select a
specific capture driver? Then it would work.
I'v used captest; cu-doodle and the rv107 work both, but then captest
can switch between the two 'drivers', and I used two captests running

But I also use Freevue and then cu-doodle has to come as the first
capture 'driver' in the system.

Whatever I put in system.ini




It makes no difference the spitfire driver comes first....
Even when I put nothing of the above lines in system.ini , still the
spitfire driver is visible and selected by client-programs (Freevue,
CU-SeeME, captest, Oakcapture)

So still the question of the spitfire.inf file , cause I think this
tells W95 to keep track of drivers.....


> >The Realvision rv107 (Oak drivers) videograbber only samples with 15bits
> >color;
> >So I want to use CU-Doodle and it has to be the first driver CU-SeeMe
> >will find; the mini faq as well as cudoodle.txt mentions I have to put
> >
> >MSVIDEO=Cu-doodle.dll
> >MSVIDEO1=spitfire.drv
> >
> >in system.ini of win95
> >
> > Well it doesn't work ;
> >In W95 drivers are kept differently from w3.11 in a list, and
> >spitfire.inf tells w95 how to keep track of several drivers ?, I think.
> >Nowhere in system.ini the capture driver spitfire.drv belonging to the
> >board is mentioned....
> >
> >Below part of the spitfire.inf file, what can I change . Anyone savy on
> >these inf symantics?
> >( I had no response from Oak Tech Inc, bleaah!)
> >
> >In windows/Inf/spitfire.inf it says ;
> >..........
> >[VIDCAP.AddReg]
> >HKR,,DevLoader,0,mmdevldr.vxd
> >HKR,Drivers,MIGRATED,0,0
> >HKR,Drivers\msvideo,,0,
> >
> >[SPFxxxx.AddReg]
> >HKR,Drivers\msvideo\SPITFIRE.drv,Description,0,%*SPFxxxx.DeviceDesc%
> >HKR,Drivers\msvideo\SPITFIRE.drv,Driver,0,SPITFIRE.drv
> >
> >[SPITFIRE.AddReg]
> >HKR,,Driver,0,SPITFIRE.vxd
> >
> >[Class.AddReg]
> >HKR,,,0,%MediaClassName%
> >HKR,,Icon,0,-1
> >HKR,,Installer,0,mmci.dll
> >
> >[*SPFxxxx.LogConfig]
> >ConfigPriority=DESIRED
> >
> >[SPITFIRE.UpdateInis]
> >system.ini,drivers,,msvideo,0
> >...............
> >
> >
> >

Bill Woodland wrote:

> You might want to switch those to be msvideo1 and msvideo, and use the
> program that came with the Oakvision board to show your video on the screen,
> and then if you use the White Pine version of CU-SeeMe, then you can tell it
> to take its input from msvideo (cudoodle) and place the cudoodle capture
> area over the Oakvision program's output area on the screen.
> Bill Woodland (