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Thu, 20 Jun 1996 07:26:32 -0700

Rob Fleetwood wrote:
> Would you care to elaborate on your comment relative to "trumpet set up"?
> Thanks,
> Rob> >
> > netcom netcom netcom .... lose the netcom....
> > i get pictures 3 times faster with my new IP !
> > I will never go back to netcom...
> > there is a trumpet set up for netcom ask them for it if you must stay ..

okay for you users that refuse to leave netcom for something faster...
here is the message from netcom telling how to get trumpet to work
with there extra slow isp service....
your on your own....

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How to Configure Trumpet for NetCruiser


We have found the following information useful, but we do not
officially support Trumpet Winsock, or the programs represented
herein. If you need more help, you will need to contact the
manufacturers of the product.

You can use Trumpet Winsock with your NetCruiser account with the
following setup:
1. Go into the Trumpet setup and choose Internal PPP connection.
2. Make sure that the Com port and Baud rates are set correctly for
your computer. Use 38400 for 28.8k modems and 19,200 for 14.4k
3. The IP that Trumpet should first list is After your first
login that number will change to your last assigned IP address.
Leave that number for each subsequent login.
4. Configuration Settings:

DNS or Name Server
Domain Suffix
MU 576
Demand Load time out 5
Default Gateway
5. Select OK and then close and reload Trumpet.
6. After Trumpet reloads, select Dialer from the pull down menus. Run
the SETUP.CMD file. This will allow you to setup your local
dial-in number, your user name (in the format #username), and then
your password.
7. If you want Trumpet to dial in automatically, you will need to get
a login script. You can find these at the web page:
This page will also give you useful information for using Trumpet with
8. To login select "Dialer" and then "Login."
9. When connected to your NetCruiser account like this, you will not
be able to use any of the NetCruiser client programs (e.g. WWW,
Email, News). You need to run third party winsock programs such as
Netscape or Eudora to access the web and read your mail.

You can obtain various third party winsock applications at these web

good luck