Re: cuseeme ditch >Netcom v ???

JayHill (
Thu, 20 Jun 1996 07:39:17 -0700

Paul Swebilius wrote:
> For those of us who have problems with Netcoms lack of service, could
> some fellow CU fans make suggestions as to who you are using?? I would
> be very interested in performance verses price!! Thanks Paul

i left netcom for a local ( in my little town here) ISP that has a t-1
line and about 200 dailup ports...
i get 150 hours for $25 ( 31 days.) so i never go voer the limit.
with netcom i pulled down about 0-6kbs tops on receive
on the new isp ( ainet ) i pull down 24+ kbs when ever there is someone
sending! much better , i tryed them both for about 60 days
and never did netcom run as fast as the local isp.
Ill bet there is some new ISP in your city running a radio add on a local
radio station right now !
( it's a new bizz' and you wont find them in the yellow pages)
good luck.... C U online