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> Paul Swebilius wrote:
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> > For those of us who have problems with Netcoms lack of service, could
> > some fellow CU fans make suggestions as to who you are using?? I would
> > be very interested in performance verses price!! Thanks Paul
> i left netcom for a local ( in my little town here) ISP that has a t-1
> line and about 200 dailup ports...
> i get 150 hours for $25 ( 31 days.) so i never go voer the limit.
> with netcom i pulled down about 0-6kbs tops on receive
> on the new isp ( ainet ) i pull down 24+ kbs when ever there is someone
> sending! much better , i tryed them both for about 60 days
> and never did netcom run as fast as the local isp.
> Ill bet there is some new ISP in your city running a radio add on a local
> radio station right now !
> ( it's a new bizz' and you wont find them in the yellow pages)
> good luck.... C U online
> jayhill
> Hello all,

Just thought I'd let everyone know about a webpage/service that has
ALL the ISP's listed for your enjoyment. You can search by area
code or geographic area.


And before the spammers get to me, for sending this out on a
listServ; Well in CU bandwidth is the name of the game, if an ISP
cant give it too you then its time to hit THE LIST.