Windows 3.1 Video Performance

Fri, 21 Jun 1996 16:13:19 -0400

Windows 3.1 Video Performance

Hello All-

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I have recently built a network for demo purposes. I am using Enhanced CuSeeMe with the Winnov video capture
cards and the Sony CCD-PC1 cameras. I have a 384k link to work with on my point to point connection. I am only
getting up to 10 frames per second which is not much better than my Connectix black and white cameras.

I realize there is much more going on in my color codec but the throughput is never going above ~250K. I have the
max send set to 360K on both sides and the min receive set to 40K on both sides. I am using WFW 3.1 as the
clients, running WFW-TCP32. Both PC's are Pentium 100Mhz with 16 Megs Ram.

I had heard that the US Navy had a highspeed link where they were getting 80 frames per second. Anyone with
that setup subscribed to this list?

My question for the list members is, how do I get my frame rate up when I have more bandwidth than the
application appears to be using?

Many thanks in advance... and I'd be glad to share my configuration setup info with anyone who would like it.



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