MacPPC-Transmitting at 0.5 fps Does Not a Friend Make!
Fri, 21 Jun 1996 14:52:06 -0700

Dear Mac Users:

PLEASE, PLEASE, could anyone offer any words of wisdom as to how to increase
my pitiful transmission rate of 0.0 - 2.5 fps maximum on every connection?
People with whom I connect uniformly complain, "you're frozen", or "I'm
getting 0.0 from you." I have a Mac PPC Performa with 24 megs, a 28.8 modem
and a B&W Quickcam and run my transmission rate at 5 or 10 minimum and 30ish
maximum. I use CU-SeeMe version .83b3PPC.

Could the problem be with the slowness of the server? with my internet
provider's connection? my settings?

Any help at all would be beyond terrific!

Thanks, thanks, thanks,