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Date: Sat, 22 Jun 1996 18:38:27 +0100
To: lumal@NetHeaven.com
From: bifalia@hgb-leipzig.de (Britta Frahm)

ocb - new broadcasting projects

Hey, this is an invitation to our new cu-seemeREFLECTOR
We are starting by this a project called OCB (open curcuit broadcast)
with the target to send advanced TV throught internet.
At the moment we have two pieces we work on, ReacTV and naturalZOO;
both are studentprojects, which are realized for intermediate examination.
Therefor we hope to get response about our works.
What do you feel, imagine and think about.
Please get further information from:


Broadcasting dates are 6-17th-1996 to 6-26th-1996 daily exept weekend
6.00pm to 7.00pm MET.6-25th-1996 we`ll test whole day - try to join.
The most important date would be the examination day on 26th, where we start
with naturalZOO five minutes to 10.00am MET.
if you haven`t got cu-seeme, get it for free from http://www.cu-seeme.com

Hope you join us

* mediendesign++ *
* hgb-leipzig.de *
* dufourstr.6 *
* 04107 leipzig *
* 0341-9613262 *