Re: Indeo Driver Problem?

Reiki Master (
Sun, 23 Jun 1996 11:30:06 -0700

Andrew Espeland wrote:

> Hi Reiki,
> I get the same problem with my Escom P133, Windows95 and Quickcam. Your
> blank error message is probably 'capture device has not been detected'.
> I've spent hours fruitlessly searching the net for the solution - without
> real success. There have been several postings to cuseeme-l asking the same
> question; the few replies have suggested that perhaps a short cable is
> required between the lpt port and quickcam connector.
> As I got inundated with postings, I've today unsubscribed from the cuseeme-l.

No go, Andrew. This might be the case for others, but I don't use an lpt port, nor do I
use a Quickcam. I've got an actual Video Camera hooked into the Cable-Ready F-Connector
input on the back of the PBTV3 Video Capture Card. I am posting this reply to let
others on the list know that your answer is not the solution, so the others will not
think the problem solved. I hope to get an answer to this.....I hate lurking. :)

If I do get a Solution, Andrew, I promise to send it to you. Thanks for trying.



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