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>Subject: Dynamic Addressing
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>I have Windows 95 and my service provider utilizes Server Assigned IP
>Addresses (dynamic). What do I use as a IP Address and Host name and how
>do I assign it? Does the "HOST" file in the winsock.dll directory work
>with WIN95?... and is this what I need? Does anyone have a sample
>"HOST" file? Can I pick any host name?

Check the "GetHostByName" section of my web page for an explanation of what
causes this error and how to fix it. This is REALLY simple to fix once you
understand exactly what is happening.

Hopefully you are using the dialup networking that came with Win95 instead
of some provider's dialing program (like AT&T). If not, then call your
provider and ask them how to set up dialup networking PROPERLY and that may
fix the problem, too.

If you use Netcom or GNN or AT&T or any of those other internet service
providers that supply you with their own dialer, and they give you a true
SLIP or PPP connection, call and ask them how to setup the win95 dialup
networking, or how to setup TRUMPET for win 3.1 as your tcp stack.


You can get Trumpet version 2.0b from my provider's FTP site at in the pub/msdos/slip directory. Get the file
TWSK20B.ZIP and QUIKSTRT.TXT for Win 3.1. For Windows 95 users, you might
want to pickup QSTRTW95.txt. These text files tell you exactly how to
connect to REALTIME, but most of this would apply to any other ISP. You can
also get EUDORA, WINVN, WS_FTP, and WSARCHIE from there.

NOTE:Both of these text files have IP addresses in them that are SPECIFIC to
REALTIME (my ISP). Ignore these numbers and enter the numbers for YOUR
If you ignore this note, don't come a cryin ta me :)

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