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Mon, 24 Jun 1996 14:00:49 -0700

At 01:15 AM 6/24/96 -0700, you wrote:
>Bill Woodland:
>Thanks for the note. I tried the program and created a file
>for the winsock.dll as described. I still get the error message for
> but I got into But I did that
>before I created the Host file. So does that mean that it isn't needed?
>How do I have a conversation with someone direct without going through a
>reflector? How do I coordinate exchanging IP's if it changes. When I log
>in, how do I find out what my IP is during that session? (last .0-255 if
>Class C)


Are you running with Trumpet Winsock? I think you were in the original post
that Bill answered. Bill, I copied you on this for your review. I'm not
sure I understand John's problem fully, nor the spectrum of GETHOSTBYNAME
issues, but I got it to work with Trumpet with a one-line command...

I'm running Trumpet Winsock on my laptop when I'm off-site, and WFWG TCP32B
integrated TCP/IP when I'm on-site. I don't mess around with a Hosts file,
because it gets complicated. I can run CUSM on-site or off-site just fine.
This is how it works.

On-site, I have WFWG TCP/IP configured to use my nameserver (vs. a hosts
file), and it gets my host name and IP number from the WFWG setup and/or
DNS. On-site, it's static, so that's beside the point.

Off-site, I copy Trumpet's winsock.dll over WFWG's, reboot, and run Trumpet
(2.0b). These are the settings I use, for logging into Compuserve PPP (a
dynamically-addressed system):

IP = (a dummy value for dynamically-addressed systems)
netmask = (assume class-C)
gateway =
dns = <compserve's DNS server IP>

Then, this is the key: At the end of my login.cmd script, I have:

input 30 "PPPCONNECT" (detect a string so I know I'm connected)
bootp (THIS IS THE KEY!)
sleep 5 (give bootp time to run)

The "bootp" command in Trumpet causes it to go out and automatically fetch
my host IP number, the gateway IP number, etc. Trumpet then has it, and
appears to answer the requests for the host IP number for CUSM and anything
else I run.

I invite comments and questions.



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