Re: HELP: ProMovie Studio Problems!!!

John R. Haggis (
Mon, 24 Jun 1996 13:36:28 -0700

At 07:05 PM 6/23/96 -0500, you wrote:
>Wayne G. Maas wrote:
>> I am using a 486DX-33 with a 33.6 modem, Promovie Spectrum video capture
card and

>Greetings, all:
> Ya know? I've been trying since I came aboard this 'list, to get my ProMovie
>Studio capture board to function! I've just re-installed the drivers under
>OR under Windows 3.x/WfW and cannot go any further! I'm trying to connect
my VCR

There were several versions of the Pro Movie Studio drivers, most of which
didn't work. Please check my web page (Millennium Research), go to the
"Media Vision Drivers" section, and get the file PMSTUD21.EXE. As the
comment at the top of the page says, I got it to work with WP10a2.
Unfortunately, I'm having trouble with DLL problems (Call to Undefined
Dynalink) so I can't say for sure whether it works with the current WP release.

The Millennium Research web page is at:

Good luck. Let me know what problems or success you have. Especially let
me know if you get the dreaded, "Call to Undefined Dynalink" error.

- John

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