CU/ISDN/Mac and Motorola Bitsurfr challenges

Danny O'Brien (
Mon, 24 Jun 1996 23:18:32 -0400

I am having a terrible time getting decent CU-SeeMe throughput (or any
other kind of throughput) out of my new multilink PPP ISDN connection.

I have a Bitsurfr, Flash ROM rev. G (the latest), Power 120 Mac clone with
full Geoport, 106 Mbytes RAM, 7.5.3, OT1.1, FreePPP 1.0.5. My init string:

My frame rate is less than 1 fps. Downloads are topping out at 4 kps. I'm
startting to wonder what all the ISDN hype is about. I've definitely bonded
the two channels. My ISP swears that I'm on both channels, and that their
config is all set up. Both numbers are busy when I dial them while on-line.

Anyone have any help for me?

Thanks in advance. Any info leading to a fix gets posted on the appropriate