Would be new CU-SEEME user

Richard P. Sy-Facunda (vhorowitz@cyber.cyb-live.com)
Tue, 25 Jun 1996 20:23:52 +0800

Hi ! My brother and I would like to be connected using the CU-SEEME Video
conferencing software. I am here in the Far East (Manila, Philippines)
while he is living in Florida. We have the following hardware config :

Philippines :
1. 486DX-33
2. TCP/IP - Trumpet Winsock
3. Windows 3.1
4. Windows Sound board
5. Half Duplex 28.8 Modem
6. Speakers
7. Microphone

Florida :
1. 486DX
2. America on Line
3. Windows 3.11
4. Windows Sound Board
5. Half Duplex 14.4 Modem
6. Speakers
7. Microphone

My brother is planning to buy the Digicam to be able to use the
CU-SEEMe software. Will it work with the setup ? Or do we have to upgrade ?

We had already tried the Internet Phone software. I was able to
load it on my side and he has also done the same on his side. Although I
can see his address on my software, I was not able to call him up and patch
through. He. likewise could see my name on screen but was not able to link
with me. This is the reason we are hesitant to get the DIGICAM. Please