Re: CU/ISDN/Mac and Motorola Bitsurfr challenges

Alex Watson (
Tue, 25 Jun 1996 07:36:45 -0500 (CDT)

> I am having a terrible time getting decent CU-SeeMe throughput (or any
> other kind of throughput) out of my new multilink PPP ISDN connection.
> My frame rate is less than 1 fps. Downloads are topping out at 4 kps. I'm
> startting to wonder what all the ISDN hype is about. I've definitely bonded
> the two channels. My ISP swears that I'm on both channels, and that their
> config is all set up. Both numbers are busy when I dial them while on-line.

I have a similar setup, but with a Pipleline 50 ISDN router. Most of the
time I get around 45k-50k from NASA using a 64k link (not bad) but when
you et on some public reflectors where everyone is sending, fps goes to
0-1 fps of each sender (they each might be using a 28.8), not to mention
that CUSEEME is everyone's bandwidth-sucker-upper nightmare, that in most
cases badwidth to a reflector is squeezed down to 1k per person for all
20 people connected.