Re[2]: CU-SEEME for IRIX
Wed, 26 Jun 96 13:28:33 CST

Have you looked into NV (netVideo) and VAT (netAudio)?

I'm using them on a SunSparc which would be similar to what you're
wanting to do. both products are courtesy of Lawrence-Livermore and
info can be had from either or

The ref below is fed by multiple NV cams and VAT audio sources. Feel
free to check it out.

Hope that helps......

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Subject: RE: CU-SEEME for IRIX
Date: 6/26/96 11:15 AM

Please include me in this answer.

Kurt Milam

On Wed, 26 Jun 1996 15:27:31 -0600 Webmaster wrote:
>I'm using an Silicon Graphics workstation running IRIX 5.3. Of course I have
>InPerson, which is a CUSEEME like application for SGI machines. InPerson can't
>communicate with cuseeme relfectors (I think). Would anyone know if a cuseeme
>for the Silicon Graphics platform does exist ? It seems silly I have a 3$0K+
>machine that can do videoconferencing stuff in color and sound using the local
>network and not the cuseeme thingy.
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