Re: Forward: Can I use VBlaster CT-6000?

Ron Elkayam (
Wed, 26 Jun 1996 16:16:12 -0400 (EDT)

On Wed, 26 Jun 1996, Alex Watson wrote:

> > I have CLab's VideoBlaster CT-6000, which is the earlist
> > model of VBlaster. I would like to use it for E.CUSM with my
> > PC+Win95J if possible. Please let me know whether it can be
> > or not.
> Yes, it will work. I had mine working, up until I plugged the video overlay
> cable into my joystick port on the Sb16 card and blew it to peices.

Alex, thanks a million for the encouraging news. This message was music
to my ears. I, too, am an owner of the original Video Blaster and I'm
having hell trying to get it to work under Win95 (as a first step, before
I can hope to run Freevue and CU-Seeme with it).

Could you please offer some wisdom pearls as to how I get this bloody
thing to work in Win'95? It works fine in DOS (vbtest.exe) and on Win 3.1
on the old computer, but it gives me a pink screen under Win 95 (that of
course means it doesn't get the input). I copied the pcvideo.dll into the
c:\windows and ran videokit.exe but it's no workie. I even tried to run
the beta file for the vblaster off creaf's URL, but I still get a pink
screen. Damnit. ;)

I would deeply appreciate your help. (BTW, it's time to update the
compat.txt file - our beloved model ain't listed there.)

Thanx again,
Miami, FL