Re: Forward: Can I use VBlaster CT-6000?
Wed, 26 Jun 1996 18:45:44 -0400 (EDT)

>On Wed, 26 Jun 1996, Alex Watson wrote:
>> > I have CLab's VideoBlaster CT-6000, which is the earlist
>> > model of VBlaster. I would like to use it for E.CUSM with my
>> > PC+Win95J if possible. Please let me know whether it can be
>> > or not.
>> Yes, it will work. I had mine working, up until I plugged the video overlay
>> cable into my joystick port on the Sb16 card and blew it to peices.

>Could you please offer some wisdom pearls as to how I get this bloody
>thing to work in Win'95? It works fine in DOS (vbtest.exe) and on Win 3.1
>on the old computer, but it gives me a pink screen under Win 95 (that of
>course means it doesn't get the input). I copied the pcvideo.dll into the
>c:\windows and ran videokit.exe but it's no workie. I even tried to run
>the beta file for the vblaster off creaf's URL, but I still get a pink
>screen. Damnit. ;)

really? in my case the card can get the input from all 0-2 on Win95J with
using the original old drivers, though the view can not be saved as a image file.
did you set the screen mode SVGA 640x480 256 coloers?


>I would deeply appreciate your help. (BTW, it's time to update the
>compat.txt file - our beloved model ain't listed there.)
>Thanx again,
>Miami, FL