Re:Would be new CU-SEEME user (getting Iphone to work)

Ron Elkayam (
Wed, 26 Jun 1996 19:27:50 -0400 (EDT)

On Tue, 25 Jun 1996, Bill Woodland wrote:

> > We had already tried the Internet Phone software. I was able to
> >load it on my side and he has also done the same on his side. Although I
> >can see his address on my software, I was not able to call him up and patch
> >through. He. likewise could see my name on screen but was not able to link
> >with me. This is the reason we are hesitant to get the DIGICAM. Please
> >advise.
> Then you musta done somebody wrong (sorry, I digress to the Allman Brothers
> song). Keep playing with it. If you can see his name there, then you
> should be able to talk to him. Play around with your settings some, and
> you'll probably get it figured out. I'm no IPHONE expert or I'd give you
> some better advice on it.

There's a need to isolate the problem here. Q's to be answered:

1. Can you connect to anyone other than your brother? (If so, then the
problem is at his end.) Vise versa for your brother.

2. If both of you can't connect to anyone, try running an additional voice
over the net program (search the web for others, but don't run Televox cuz
your machine can't handle it - too slow). Try Netscape 3.0 beta 4 with
Cool Talk and see what happens. (Perhaps you're using buggy software.)

3. If still nothing works, on BOTH sides, that means both of your ISP's
have blocked the port that internet phone programs use. To make sure
this is the case, ask users at your end if they themselves can run
Iphone. If nobody can, you can safely assume your provider blocked that
access. If others CAN run Iphone from the same site as you, then I would
personally start checking if I installed winsock properly etc.

Hope you find this useful,