Windows video is slow

Thu, 27 Jun 1996 09:36:17 -0400

Windows video is slow


I am desperately searching for some answers... my link is a 384K point to point running Enhanced CU with Winnov
capture cards and Sony cameras. Both machines are 100Mhz Pentiums with 16megs Ram. I used to have b&w
connectix with free Cu from Cornell. That setup got up to 15fps.... but now that I've upgraded to color, I am only
getting 4 to 5 fps. I am running Windows for Workgroups on both sides and am using TCP 32 WFW.

I have adjusted my video settings to 256 colors on my video driver and toyed with the smeared l rate and the ME
search radius. I still only get a few frames per second.

The weirdest part is sometimes if I leave the connection up for a few minutes, the frame rate picks up. Other times
it never goes above 1fps. My network is a totally self contained Ethernet 10Mbs and I am the only person on it. I
can't understand why this is so darn slow....

Anyone experiencing this same phenomena? I've been reading the list for a few weeks and saw a few people
with ISDN and the same problem.... what was their solution?

Thanks for any help,