Re: Windows video is slow

Dennis J. Streveler (
Thu, 27 Jun 1996 09:40:13 -0700

Hello Paul,

No, you are not alone. The Color camera is a bit (?) of a hog it turns out.
Since ECU does not support the hardware compression built into the camera
(called "Videc") the CPU must process each frame, and this is where the
bottleneck occurs, as best I can understand it.

Anyway, after conversations here, with White Pine, and with Connectix, here
is the best I can offer:

1) Make sure your video card is pumping out 16-bit (High) color (any other
setting will force the video system to "dither" the colors from the camera,
only adding to the burden)

2) Make sure you use the "format" Thousands of Colors (Uncompressed). Don't
force it to do deal with "millions" of colors, it really can't handle it.

3) Set the "sharpness" as low as your esthetic sense allows. Personally, I
can't stand the "low" setting, but if you can, it will lighten the burden also.

4) Make sure your parallel port is "bi-directional". Check your BIOS
settings to make sure it is. This apparently also can be a logjam.

Other than that, what youz seez is what youz getz. The Color QuickCam is not
the hot product which I thought it might be, at least not at this stage of
its development. Hopefully, WP will soon support VIDEC compression which
should help enormously, but there is no official word I have heard that this
is the case.

Hope this helps,

PS If you would like to experiment with ISDN to ISDN connections, please let
me know. But I only have a BRI line (128k), so that might not be a
completely appropriate test bed.

At 09:36 AM 6/27/96 -0400, PAUL SLIWA wrote:
>Windows video is slow
>I am desperately searching for some answers... my link is a 384K point to
point running Enhanced CU with Winnov
>capture cards and Sony cameras. Both machines are 100Mhz Pentiums with
16megs Ram. I used to have b&w
>connectix with free Cu from Cornell. That setup got up to 15fps.... but now
that I've upgraded to color, I am only
>getting 4 to 5 fps. I am running Windows for Workgroups on both sides and
am using TCP 32 WFW.
>I have adjusted my video settings to 256 colors on my video driver and
toyed with the smeared l rate and the ME
>search radius. I still only get a few frames per second.
>The weirdest part is sometimes if I leave the connection up for a few
minutes, the frame rate picks up. Other times
>it never goes above 1fps. My network is a totally self contained Ethernet
10Mbs and I am the only person on it. I
>can't understand why this is so darn slow....
>Anyone experiencing this same phenomena? I've been reading the list for a
few weeks and saw a few people
>with ISDN and the same problem.... what was their solution?
>Thanks for any help,

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