Re: nv and cu-seeme

Joseph M Izen (
Thu, 27 Jun 1996 13:11:07 -0600


>Hey Joe,
>Nice web page regarding nv and cu-seeme.

Thanks for the kind words.

>I have my reflector set-up on
>an sgi. I am able to connect to the reflector with a macintosh running
>cu-seeme and an sgi running nv(cu-seeme encoding). The sgi or nv video
>is forwarded to my macintosh, but I am unable to see the video from the
>macintosh in my nv window. I confirmed that the macintosh is
>transmitting video by connecting to the reflector via another cu-seeme
>client. The problem seems to be that nv is not displaying any reflector
>video. Any recommendations? I am running nv v3.3beta.
>Steve N. Kyramarios NASA-Ames Research Center

The Cornell reflectors have endian problems with nv coming from some
platforms. Try the most recent Cornell version, and if that doesn't
resolve it (I wouldn't bet the house on it) you'll have to spring for a
White Pine license. Brian O'Shea has fixed the endian problem in the
commercial version.

It would be interesting if someone at Cornell could update the group
concerning the possibility of a maintenance release for the free reflector
that just fixes bugs. I bet they could even get some advice from WP on
that. I understand that the author of the freeware reflector, Tim Dorcey
has moved on to greener pastures, so it may take a volunteer from our
community to tackle the problem.