RE: Chat works on D.C., but not when on reflectors....huh?

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Subject: Chat works on D.C., but not when on reflectors....huh?

I got my Dad a quickcam for father's day, and he was very excited about=20
getting up and running on CU... But now he has a problem with chat. =20
When we DC to each other, all is fine...Vid, Audio and chat are great. =20
But when he is on a reflector, although his vid and audio are OK, his=20
chat isn't seen by anyone...Including me! What the heck is up with=20
that? Any suggestions????
I had the same problem, and I found that my MAX send was set too high. =
On a 28.8 I found you don't want to set your MAX send to 28.8. Try =
setting MAX send to 23 and MIN send to 5. This way when you are sending =
the MAX video you still have 5kbps avaliable for sending chat window =
data. At least, this is what worked for me. <G>

I hope this helps.... =09

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