Re: Forward: Can I use VBlaster CT-6000?

Ron Elkayam (
Thu, 27 Jun 1996 18:12:46 -0400 (EDT)

On Wed, 26 Jun 1996, Alex Watson wrote:

> I have the original Video Blaster diskette and drivers for Video for
> Windows. If you have 16 megabytes of memory, forget it. You probably
> know by now the old video blaster doesnt work with any more than 8 meg on
> a machine.
> Now I never got it to work with Win95, cause it blew up before I had the
> chance. And for some reason, I had to switch to the video 1 rather than
> video 0 and go into their little program and select video source 1, every
> once in a while.. (didnt understand that..)
> I will attach the OEMSETUP.INF that I had with version 3.11. Win95 should
> be able to read it.


Just a quick note to tell you I appreciate your help. I solved the
problem!!!! It wasn't the software that was messing me up, cuz the stuff
you gave me still produced no video under Win'95. But someone else tipped
me that I should run Windows in 256 colors in 640x480 or else it won't
work. So I changed it from 24bit 800x600 to 256colors 640x480 and IT

I haven't tried CU-SeeMe yet, but I did run Freevue and it worked
BEAUTIFULLY. The people who received my video said the quality was
excellent, even on my sh*tty 14.4 (I optimized it to 1fps after trying
2fps, 1.5fps which showed pixelizing, and 0.5fps which was too slow and
didn't produce better quality than 1fps).

So in case you ever switch to Win '95, remember the tip... It'll save you
a lot of heartache...

Oh, by the way, you CAN run the original Video Blaster on 16MB+ machines -
just get the beta software from Creative Labs' homepage/ftp. It worked
great on my old 20MB 486/50.

Catch ya later,