Re: CU Seeme 0.83 b3 Color on 68K Mac

Drew Padgett (
Thu, 27 Jun 1996 17:51:42 -0700

jerry burchfiel wrote:
> I'm using CU Seeme 0.83 b3 on my 68K Mac with a B&W Connectix Quickcam.
> 1. Will the same software work with the new Connectix color Quickcam for Mac?

I have a color cam and it works fine with 83b3

> 2. A friend has been trying to connect to me from a PC with a color
> Quickcam. He sees me fine, but can't send video to me. Do you expect that
> this is an incompatibility between his PC and my Mac, or his color Quickcam
> and my B&W Quickcam?

For you to see his color, you need to use the White Pine version of CU
which supports color. The Cornell version does not. You can download the
WP version from their web site :
There shouldn't be any incompatibility problems between your computers
or the QuickCams. Hope this helps!