Hardware Help For CU...

Dave Easton (davie@primenet.com)
Thu, 27 Jun 1996 23:20:55 -7

One of the prime basics of CU, as I see it, is no hardware processing
is required, it's all done in software. Other systems REQUIRE some
kind of hardware add-on card(s) at each end. I am, of course, not
including video digitising cards, if the camera isn't digital output,
in this.

What I am wondering though, is this; could there be some kind of
OPTIONAL "helper" card for CU? Especially with the problems folks are
having with color CU, ie: there is no cpu prossing power left to do
the receiving if you are trying to send color at fast fps, etc. Some
inexpensive, say, under $100, card to just help take the load off the
CPU, but still remain completely compatable with current CU

I get the impression,with color, the limiting factor is not a 28.8KBPS modem
or even a 56K line, but one runs out of cpu power as so much transmit
and receive processing must take place. . A cheap add-on card could
let you off-load your transmit processing and reserve your CPU for the receive
processing. (Or which ever way was best.) The standards would remain
the same so those without the "helper card" would see no difference,
and certainly would not be excluded from anything as would be the case if
"hardware CU" ran on a different standard.

I have never tried CU audio, but also see lots of negative comments
here, too. Possibly such a helper card might also assist in
processing audio, as well? Again, using current CU standards for
compatibility with non-card users.

I am no computer scientist, but I know some on the mail-list are. Is
there any possibility of such a thing?

Regards, Dave in Phoenix