Re: Hardware Help For CU...

The mad Scientist! (
Fri, 28 Jun 1996 21:54:00 +1000 (GMT+1000)

On Thu, 27 Jun 1996, Dave Easton wrote:

> One of the prime basics of CU, as I see it, is no hardware processing
> is required, it's all done in software. Other systems REQUIRE some
> kind of hardware add-on card(s) at each end. I am, of course, not
> including video digitising cards, if the camera isn't digital output,
> in this.

I think you are looking at this from the wrong perspective. The only
add-ons that other systems need are video digitising cards (as far as I
know). As far as I know only CuSeeMe and Connectix's VideoPhone support
the QuickCam. The Quickcam does not need a capture card.

> What I am wondering though, is this; could there be some kind of
> OPTIONAL "helper" card for CU? Especially with the problems folks are
> having with color CU, ie: there is no cpu prossing power left to do
> the receiving if you are trying to send color at fast fps, etc. Some
> inexpensive, say, under $100, card to just help take the load off the
> CPU, but still remain completely compatable with current CU
> standards.

<stuff deleted>

The problems are not with the colour CuSeeMe software entirely. They
only occur when using the colour QuickCam. This is because the colour
CuSeeMe does not support the VIDEC compression method used by the
colour QuickCam. We are all hoping that White Pine Software (the makers
of colour CuSeeMe) will add this feature soon. The colour CuSeeMe does
not have these problems when used with a video capture card and a camera.

Instead of your proposed daughterboard, it would be a whole lot simpler
to get a video capture card and a camera. Either that or wait till the
abovementioned feature is added to the colour CuSeeMe software. Even
then, I expect that the video capture card and camera combination will
give a faster sending frames per second than the QuickCam, as I expect
that a capture card could compress the video better.