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Dennis J. Streveler (
Fri, 28 Jun 1996 08:52:53 -0700

At 11:02 AM 6/27/96 +0100, nbccw20 wrote:
>Hello Everybody !!
> There is my Mystery:
>I need to build from 0 a video conference system, one to one. I also
>need to have a "portable" end. So, I look at a Laptop-kind computer for
>one end ?
>What choices do I have from Mac or PC.
>How much I have to spent-just an aproximate number but help here will
>be great!- for a good quality videoconference b/w.
>I live in New Brunswick-Canada.
>I will appreciate any advice I will get,
>All The Best,
>Bogdan-George Itoafa
> President
> Fix OK Canada

Hello to a Canadian neighbor!

If you are going to go portable, I would definitely recommend a Mac
powerbook for several reasons:

1) I prefer the ECU version for the Mac over the ECU version for the PC. For
example, no "push to talk" button (hallelujah!).

2) The b/w QuickCam for Mac is very stable and well tested. My Mac QC is
much less trouble than my PC QC.

But then I am prejudiced. I prefer Mac stuff in general. I have not
experimented with a PC-laptop based ECU setup, maybe somebody can comment on
that who has. My setup uses a PB540-40MB without PowerPC card. By the way,
your "landbased" station could well be a PC if you prefer. The two versions
of ECU are interoperable...

As for cost? Well, above and beyond two well-equipped, relatively high-end
multimedia-equipped computers you need:

1) a b&w camera <US$100
2) ECU software <US$100

for each. Not bad, huh?


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