ISP-TV is looking for more Cybercasts!

ISP-TV Main Contact (
Fri, 28 Jun 1996 17:25:24 -0400

ISP-TV -- The Internet Service Provider Video Network

ISP-TV is a network of linked CU-SeeMe reflectors provided
mainly by Internet service providers. ISP-TV exists to allow
for large-audience cybercasts by distributing video signals
over several servers.

If you are planning to do a cybercast which may be of interest
to Internet users, please contact us at
We can either arrange to be your primary reflector, or we can
receive a BCC feed from your primary reflector. Currently
there is no charge to source video to the ISP-TV Network for
non-profit groups, and we only request mention in press releases
or Web page mention for for-profit groups.

Past programming on ISP-TV has included the White House
Leadership Conference on Youth, Drug Abuse, and Violence,
the Nobel Prize Lectures, the KidCast for Peace, the Cyber Mardi
Gras, Survival Research Labs, and Timothy Leary speaking with
Ken Kesey.

Regular weekly programming includes a video simulcast of
the "On Computers" radio show with Gina Smith, Da Sports Show
from Grolier, and several programs from KSJS radio.

Current programming and reflector list can be found at URL