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Dennis J. Streveler (
Fri, 28 Jun 1996 17:24:50 -0700

>> Hmm, Tom,
>> I can't think of any good reason why a docked-duo shouldn't work. I use CU
>> with a PB540 (without dock of course) and have no problems such as you
>> report. Could you have inadvertently turned AppleTalk back on when you
>> docked the unit on the port where the camera is attached? Can you get a
>> picture using QuickPict or QuickMovie applications? There should be a simple
>> explanation for this problem.
>Should be. I have installed this with the "modem" setting in the install
>script on the mac. From the modem port, I get a smeared picture like vid that
>is not aligned properly. Nothing from the printer port, regardless of the
>setting in quickpic.
>I'm beginning to think I might have a hardware problem in the dock. My
>appletalk (when it's on, not when I'm tring to use the cam) works only on the
>modem port, not the printer port.

Huh, now this is strange. AppleTalk is supposed to be present ONLY on the
printer port. Gosh, now that has me stumped.

>When the sys is not docked, everything works just fine. I don't know enough
>about the mac internals to know if the buffer addresses and such are the same
>or mapped when the single "printer/modem" port is split into both the printer
>and modem ports in the dock.
>My next step is to find another dock and see if the problem persists. If it
>does, then it must be a software configuration somewhere in 7.5.3. I suppose
>I could try with an older version of the os, but I'd hate to go back as 7.5.3
>seems to be a nice improvement over 7.5 (or 7.1).

Well, as you no doubt know 7.5.3 has a really bad reputation. I wouldn't
touch it myself for now. But then I don't have to since it is not required
on either of the Macs which I use.

>> The only other culprit I can think of is system 7.5.3, to which I have not
>> yet upgraded, but I have certainly heard reports of lots of weird thingys
>> happening.
>> I should note that with a powerbook, or perhaps a pc-laptop for that matter,
>> just think of the possibilities! With a service like Ricochet (a radio-based
>> wireless ISP with unlimited service for $39.95/month here in the SF Bay
>> Area) you can take your laptop and camera, go to the beach and carry on a
>> videoconference at very low cost! Are we there yet? Well, no, of course not,
>> we are still on the bleeding edge, but all the pieces are in place. The
>> wireless service has to improve its speed (past the 14.4-28.8 which they now
>> advertise) and the camera has to work better in high-glare conditions and
>> the laptop's batteries gotta last longer, but all those things will happen
>> rather quickly...
>> I am experimenting with this stuff in van-based telemedicine. Most people
>> think I am nuts when I show them my "rig", but that is okay. I guess the
>> first radio transmissions, or tv transmission, or satellite transmissions
>> invoked the same sentiments among most.
>> This stuff WILL HAPPEN and it will happen sooner than you think.
>We are very close. My next PB will have a PCMCIA slot with ISDN - and
>probably I'll also have the experimental packet radio card they are testing
>here at CMU. With that, I'll have pretty good bwidth and should get a nice vid
>capability. The screen size won't be much for multiple conferences at the
>same time, but for a couple it will be great!
>Not to mention that with shared whiteboard and shared apps I could do real
>work anywhere!
>It's going to be a fun ride the next few years.

You got that right, Tom. It is going to be one heckuva ride! Few people in
Medicine seem to appreciate the impact that all this technology is going to
have on the clinical practice, political organization, or infrastructure of
the healthcare system in a few years. Well, my plan is to be there on the
crest of the wave, and that is why I am so into goading CUSeeMe (and similar
technologies) along.

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PS I am always receiving your messages as attachments. Is there some way you
can avoid that? It would certainly make reading your messages and replying
to them easier. Thanks.

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