Re: Windows 95 problem... user-interface problem

Dennis J. Streveler (
Sat, 29 Jun 1996 10:41:16 -0700

At 09:59 AM 6/29/96 +0100, Len Gowing wrote:
> Len Gowing wrote:
>>>Please Help.... Cuseeme sits on the task bar when I open it and I can't get
>>>into it... I used to be able to but I can't figure out what I've done to
>>>change it.. any help appreciated
>>You'll have to be much more explicit about what you are trying to do and
>>what problem you are having for us to be any help. Sorry.
>>One comment: Each CUSeeMe component when minimized shows up in the task bar
>>independently. Thus the Phone Book, each open video picture, the audio
>>control, the participants' list, etc. One component, the "main" control bar,
>>is I believe always the first CU component to show up in the task bar.
>Unfortunatley this is not the problem... I'll go back to the beginning.
>I have a P75, 16MB RAM, 700MB spare hard disk, an Avance Logic 2301 PCI
>video card using the driver avance.drv, a Trust PCTV capture card using
>various drivers from Trust and running various software to capture live
>video as avi files.I'm in the UK so the video source for the capture card is
>set to PAL
>I am using V0.84b7 Cuseeme and whawt happens is if I run it from either the
>"run" command in Windows95 or from explorer or its own icon in my internet
>group the initial startup screen showing the Cuseeme logo appears, then
>depending if I am connected to the internet or not it either gives the usual
>error messages that it can't get hostname etc.. or if I am connected to the
>internet, no error messages appear. In both instances, the Cuseeme icon
>minimizes to the taskbar with the "Tom Servo" icon next to it and no matter
>what I do I cannot get them to maximise.
>The weird thing is that it used to work but I don't know what has changed in
>the meantime. I've downloaded another cuseeme zip and re-installed it but to
>no avail..... Does this information help or do you need more to help.

Sorry, Len, I just have not seen that one before. I don't really know what
it could be. The only suggestion I have is to download and try Enhanced CU
(ECU). The demo copy is free (from and see if that
behavior is duplicated there as well. That might give us some clue. Sorry,
wish I could be more help.


PS Where in the UK are you? I worked last year rather extensively with a
group in Brighton, and, while I made several trips over the pond, I also
used CUSeeMe to advantage to communicate with them there...

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