Re:losing printer driver...second parallel port?

Dennis J. Streveler (
Sat, 29 Jun 1996 10:41:18 -0700

At 10:20 PM 6/28/96 -0400, tracy wrote:
>Could someone help me please. I am a rank beginner here with
>my first computer P-133 running Windows 95 and using a b&w
>Quickcam. Everytime I try to reconnect my printer I have
>lost the driver for it and have to reinstall the printer.
>Is this supposed to happen? Under the printer drivers
>something appears called "Absolutely Bogus Driver?????".
>When I tried to change back to the driver for my printer
>(Canon BJC-610) I'm informed the driver is no longer there.
>Have pity on me please as I've only had the pc about 4
>months and I am easily befuddled.
>Thanks I hope.

Hi Maryann,

Why are you connecting/reconnecting your printer? I strongly recommend
adding a second serial prot to your machine if at all possible (an LPT2) and
letting things stay the way they are. You see, assuming you are using
Windows95, it is so "smart" that it tries to reconfigure itself every time
you turn it on. I suspect it is messing up the drivers at that time. Anyway,
avoid the problem, get yourself a second parallel port (probably costs
around $50 tops) and never have to put up with that problem again. Also, if
you are going to buy a second parallel port, make sure that the port will
operate in bi-directional, ECP, and PPP modes. That way, later, when you get
a color quickcam or some other device, you'll be ready to accommodate them
as well.


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