Re: Basic audio problem on Mac

Dennis J. Streveler (
Sat, 29 Jun 1996 10:49:49 -0700

At 11:33 AM 6/29/96 -0600, Jack ODonnell wrote:
>Hi all
>I'm new to Cu-SeeMe and have a basic problem. Here's my system
> Mac Performa 6300; 28.8 modem
> PPP connection
> Cu-SeeMe 0.83b3
> no camera
>I don't receive any audio except on NASA TV. I've read the software README
, checked
>archives of this list and a couple of FAQ sites. I'm probably missing
something basic. Any
>suggestions. Thanks

Hello Jack,

You may or may not be missing something "basic". Audio is a real bugaboo
with CU. However, I would certainly suggest you try the Mac version of
Enhanced CU (ECU) and see if that improves matters. With ECU you should get
at least SOME audio if you don't have too many windows open on a reflector.
But it is rather unpredictable, and generally quite disappointing.


PS You didn't mention whether you were able to SEND any audio...

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