Re: My new 'Net Server is dynamic!
Sat, 29 Jun 1996 19:23:06 +0000

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> From: michael sharp <>
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> Subject: My new 'Net Server is dynamic!
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> I'm quite sure by now, I'm probably the millionth person to ask this
> question.... but I'm totally stumped.
> I just switched to a new 'Net provider. My old had static IP's Cool! But my
> new 'Net provider is dynamic! :(
> Well, to be honest, I thought that White Pines (sorry Cornell, but please
> read on) wouldn't have a problem with dynamic IP's, but guess what? So here I
> am.
> I understand now (after a little self-research) that there is a hosts file
> that CU needs to see, but does anybody truly know how to set up CU (either
> Cornell or W/P) to work with a dynamic IP??????
> Is there a way to have my Winsock update the hosts file everytime I log
> on?????
> I would appreciate _ANY_ help or advice from anyone... Thanks in advance.
> Regards,
> -Mike :)+<
> aka Ice-Mike (mIRC, CU)
> p.s. I had originally subscribed to this list some time ago to get started
> using CU, and I recieved alot of help and got started. But know, I'll need
> some more help.... Thanks -Mike :)+<
> Hello all,

I keep seeing this "hosts" file and a problem with ECU. Is this file
only required with certain systems?? I am using WFW 3.11, an ISP
with dynamic IP's and Trumpet Winsock...No Problem. I click on the
ECU icon, and whammo Im CU'ing. I did a file search on all my HD's
and found no "HOSTS." file. Am I just lucky here, or am I in for
a problem in the future?