Re: My new 'Net Server is dynamic!

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Sun, 30 Jun 1996 08:31:25 -0700

michael sharp wrote:
> I just switched to a new 'Net provider. My old had static IP's Cool! But my
> new 'Net provider is dynamic! :(
> I understand now (after a little self-research) that there is a hosts file
> that CU needs to see, but does anybody truly know how to set up CU (either
> Cornell or W/P) to work with a dynamic IP??????
> Is there a way to have my Winsock update the hosts file everytime I log
> on?????
> Regards,
> -Mike :)+<
> p.s. I had originally subscribed to this list some time ago to get started
> using CU, and I recieved alot of help and got started. But know, I'll need
> some more help.... Thanks -Mike :)+<


Here's the way I did it. Contact your Provider and ask what his IP
Address range is. Or, you can just jot down the different IP addresses
each time you log on and see what the range is. The first three numbers
should remain the same, only the last number should be changing. Then
you include the entire range in the HOSTS file, each on a seperate line.
Thus: Stalker Stalker Stalker

etc. until you have one for each number in the range. It's worked
wonderfully for me.



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