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Bill Woodland (
Sun, 30 Jun 1996 09:47:51 -0500

>> From: michael sharp <>
>> To: <>
>> Subject: My new 'Net Server is dynamic!
>> I understand now (after a little self-research) that there is a hosts file
>> that CU needs to see, but does anybody truly know how to set up CU (either
>> Cornell or W/P) to work with a dynamic IP??????

Check the "GetHostByName" section of my web page for more info on this
problem and solution...and yes, I should rename it to "GetHostName" because
that's the actual error you get, but the two are somewhat related.

>To: <>
>Subject: Re: My new 'Net Server is dynamic!
>I keep seeing this "hosts" file and a problem with ECU. Is this file
>only required with certain systems?? I am using WFW 3.11, an ISP
>with dynamic IP's and Trumpet Winsock...No Problem. I click on the
>ECU icon, and whammo Im CU'ing. I did a file search on all my HD's
>and found no "HOSTS." file. Am I just lucky here, or am I in for
>a problem in the future?

I bet you have an IP address from your provider entered into the DNS field
in Trumpet. MOST ISPs have their IPs entered into their DNS with a name,
and this is the easiest fix.

>Are you using 32 bit winsock.dll? If not, ECUSM may not work.

Osamu: This is true for the 32bit version of Enhanced CU-SeeMe, but there
is a 16bit version which can be run on plain old windows 3.1. The thing is,
if you are using a 16bit tcp stack then you can only run 16bit tcp
applications, but if you are using a 32bit tcp stack, then you can run 32bit
tcp applications AND 16 bit tcp applications.

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