Re: losing printer driver...second parallel port?

tracy (
Sun, 30 Jun 1996 10:40:45 -0400

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> >Could someone help me please. I am a rank beginner here with
> >my first computer P-133 running Windows 95 and using a b&w
> >Quickcam. Everytime I try to reconnect my printer I have
> >lost the driver for it and have to reinstall the printer.
> >Is this supposed to happen?

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> >Maryann
> >whois
> Hi Maryann,
> Why are you connecting/reconnecting your printer?

Because I'm an idiot!

I strongly recommend
> adding a second serial prot to your machine if at all possible (an LPT2) and
> letting things stay the way they are. You see, assuming you are using
> Windows95, it is so "smart" that it tries to reconfigure itself every time
> you turn it on. I suspect it is messing up the drivers at that time.

I shall do this. As soon as I figure out what it means. (Just kidding. If
I waited for understanding I never would have bought the computer in the
first place.)

Thanks for your patience.