Re: losing printer driver...second parallel port?

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Sun, 30 Jun 1996 12:23:56 -0500

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>Subject: Re: losing printer driver...second parallel port?
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>Howdy Folks!
>Actually, the problem you are having is caused by the ill-behaved Connectix
>QuickCam driver. It fails to properly reset the printer port after it is no
>longer needed. I use an A/B switch for a printer and BW QuickCam and have
>found it necessary to reboot in order to print from the shared port after
>the QuickCam is used. I do not know if Connectix is aware of this problem.
>My solution was to purchase a "SIIG Fast Parallel I/O Parallel Pro" high
>speed IEEE 1284 EPP/ECP parallel port adapter and install it as a second
>parallel port for my computer. It plugs into any ISA expansion slot. Cost is
>about $30US
>I hope this helps
>Don Castella
>aka Don@Chicago

I think something else must be causing this problem. I use Win95 and a b&w
Quickcam, and I swap my quickcam and my printer cable by hand (I'm just a
cheap guy) all the time, and have had NO problems with this whatsoever.

BTW, some guy tried to tell me a few months ago that I should power off the
printer and computer before connecting/reconnecting any cables like that.
It just ain't necessary. I've been using personal computers since about
'78, before the IBM PC first came out, and have never blown out a pc
component or printer by doing this. Some people are just way too paranoid
about lectric stuff like that.

OK, OK, I admit it...I blew out a floppy drive once, but that was cause I
put the ribbon cable on backwards, and the plugs weren't polarized way back
in '78 :)

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