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>michael sharp wrote:
>> > > I just switched to a new 'Net provider. My old had static IP's Cool!
But my
>> > > new 'Net provider is dynamic! :(
>> > >
>> > > I understand now (after a little self-research) that there is a hosts
>> > > that CU needs to see, but does anybody truly know how to set up CU
>> > > Cornell or W/P) to work with a dynamic IP??????
>> > >
>> > > Is there a way to have my Winsock update the hosts file everytime I log
>> > > on?????
>> >
>> > Mike,
>> >
>> > Here's the way I did it. Contact your Provider and ask what his IP
>> > Address range is. Or, you can just jot down the different IP addresses
>> > each time you log on and see what the range is. The first three numbers
>> > should remain the same, only the last number should be changing. Then
>> > you include the entire range in the HOSTS file, each on a seperate line.
>> > Thus:
>> >
>> > Stalker
>> > Stalker
>> > Stalker
>> >
>> > etc. until you have one for each number in the range. It's worked
>> > wonderfully for me.
>> > --
>> >
>> hmmmmmm..... I thought about doing that, but with no help what-so-ever
>> from my new 'Net provider, I was afraid of trying. Doesn't using multiple
>> IP's confuse the server????????
>Well, it hasn't confused my server. I believe that the HOSTS file is only
used to tell
>CU-SEEME where to look for your IP address. Why it doesn't auto-detect
this is beyond
>me. I'm not convinced that the HOSTS file is looked at by the Server. As
long as
>CU-SEEME is feeding a valid IP address to the server it shouldn't get confused.
>Give it a try and let me know how it works for you. I just remembered that
I haven't
>had a connect since I started doing it this way, but I haven't had a Failed
>error either. Of course, I've always had trouble getting a response from the
>reflectors. If you happen to have a list of good reflector sites, I'd
appreciate a
>pass-on from you.
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The HOSTS file can have as many entries in it as you want. ONE use of the
HOSTS file is for short names for sites that you want to connect to. Example: bga usas

When I want to telnet into my provider, I can enter "bga" for the host
instead of having to enter "". The people in my office need
to connect via TN3270 to the Comptroller of Public Accounts here in Texas
and use the Uniform Statewide Accounting System (USAS). They only have to
enter "usas" instead of "".

CU-SeeMe has your IP address, but it is trying to get a NAME for your PC.
If your provider has a DNS setup with their IP addresses in a table with a
name, AND if you have the IP address of this DNS entered into your tcp stack
(Trumpet Winsock, Win95 dialup networking) then this name can be found.

If you do NOT have the DNS entered, or if your provider doesn't have their
IP addresses setup in their DNS, then you will need a HOSTS file.

I have been corresponding with another guy on this list about this, and I
think he and I agree on this, but look at it from different
perspectives...him from UNIX, and me from the PC.

If anyone out there finds that my info is wrong or misleading, please let me

Regarding your trouble in connecting to reflectors:
1. Make sure your transmit and receive max settings are not set too high.
they should be set to the max transmit speed of your modem.

2. Also try connecting to the same reflector IMMEDIATELY, and sometimes
this helps.

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