Re: no visible users?

Bill Woodland (
Sun, 01 Jun 1997 20:18:38 -0500

At 11:36 AM 6/1/97 PDT, Mary Lewis wrote:
>I have just installed the software. I have connected but have
>received no video, (no visible users). I am not sending video,
>no camera or video card yet. Does anyone have any advice about
>how to connect to a site with visible users so I can test the
>software? Should I just keep trying -- maybe a weekday would be
>better for receiving video. I am a teacher and would like to use video=20
>conferencing as part of my TV Production course. I also=20
>sponsor the website for my school (Stanton College Preparatory School) =20
> Thanks in advance,
> =20
> Mary C. Lewis


ALL users that are sending video are HIDDEN users until you open up their
window. You didn't mention which version of CU you are using, but check my
web page for an illustrated users guide for the older Cornell version, or
the MAC users guide, or go to the new Cornell visual Users Guide at=20

if you are using the new Cornell version. If you're using the White Pine
version, most of the Cornell info should at least be helpful, even tho they
are not exactly geared towards the WP version itself. These users guides
will explain how to open up the Participants List (PL) and how to open the
individual video windows.

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