Problems with New ref.

Giovanni D'Angelo (
Mon, 02 Jun 1997 03:51:14 +0000

Hello All,

Backspace netstudio.lounge, London, has just set up a new
reflector. IP. . Many people have told me they have had
problems geting on it. I used it for a webcast last week and it was a
good as it can get when sending audio and video, but still, many people
who tried could not get in. Does anybody know why this happens?

I spoke to our server/router tech person and he says there is nothing
he can do about it. I don't know what the ideal setting are for a
reflector and any help would be appreciated. As we hope to use the
reflector for live events, does anybody know the difference between a
high and low bandwith server? their pros and cons?

Also , If only one person is on the ref the frame rate is okay. As soon
as another joins the rate goes down to 0.1 fps. Does this happen on all
reflectors? Does sending audio and video make it more difficult for
people to join the ref?

If the problem cannot be rectified, does anybody know a good high speed
reflector which can be booked for events? We are planning a major
connection from London to the Montreal New Media festival on Friday,
13th June. This will be a live event in Montreal with ,chat, audio,
cuseeme and ftp links
for remote participants to send in material , which will be re-mixed
live into the event. More info on this later.

Thanks for any replies!

Gio from backspace, London